Introducing Zhytomyr medical institute of Zhytomyr regional council

      General information about the educational institution
      Zhytomyr medical institute of Zhytomyr regional council trains qualified specialists in the field of healthcare in accordance with European standards.
      The Institute originates from Volyn Paramedic School, which began functioning as an educational institution in 1875.
      Since 2002, hearing-impaired students have studied at the "Orthopedic Dentistry" department (as part of the rehabilitation program for children with special needs).
      Since 2008, for the first time in Ukraine, the Institute has introduced graduate nursing education and started training specialists of a new formation – Master of Nursing.
      For over 146 years of gradual development and sustainable growth of Zhytomyr medical institute about 100,000 highly qualified medical workers have been trained for the healthcare service. Today, Zhytomyr Medical Institute at the undergraduate level trains nursing specialists of multiple specialties (pediatrics, surgery, family medicine, etc.), paramedics, midwives, dental hygienists, dental technicians, specialists in physical therapy, occupational therapy, laboratory diagnostics, public health using such educational programmes as "Nursing", "Dentistry", "Technologies of medical diagnosis and treatment", "Physical therapy. Occupational therapy", "Public health" (licensed volume of 950 individuals total); at the postgraduate level, training and retraining of pediatric, surgical, obstetric-gynecological, anesthesiological, family and other nurses is carried out.
      Educational process
      The educational process in Zhytomyr medical institute is carried out by 132 educators, including PhDs and Doctors of Sciences, teachers of a higher category and certified Methodists.
      According to the results of scientific and research work, numerous articles, collections of research papers and methodological instructive materials are issued annually at the institute. Scientists of the institute are regular participants of scientific forums at the international, state, and regional levels.
      Departments of Zhytomyr medical institute provide training of future specialists according to the advanced educational bachelor and master programmes developed by the latest European standards. Also, proper functioning of the Institute is provided by the cyclic subject commissions that unite college teachers in the process of training of younger bachelors.
      The high educational and scientific level of the educational institution is confirmed by the external audit of international specialized exhibitions and forums of higher education institutions: "Modern Education in Ukraine", "Modern Educational Institutions", "Education and Career - Student's Day", "Innovation in Modern Education", "World Edu" and others, where over the past 5 years the institute has been awarded 7 gold medals, diplomas of the first and second degrees in competitive nominations.
      At the International Exhibition "Education and Career", the institute won the grand prize in the nomination "Innovative development of education and modern pedagogical technologies" and the honorary title "Leader of higher education of Ukraine".
      Publishing and scientific-practical activity of the Institute
      Zhytomyr medical institute is the founder of the Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Journal "Master of Nursing". Also, the publishing activities of the institute include "Visnyk of Zhytomyr medical institute", collections of materials of the scientific and practical conference with international participation "Higher education and practice in nursing" and collection of materials of the Interuniversity scientific and practical conference with international participation "Actual problems of training and scientific activity of masters of the field of knowledge "Healthcare".
      Since 2010, the All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference "Higher education in nursing: problems and prospects" has been held annually on the basis of the institute with international participation (Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Japan).
      International cooperation
      The Institute maintains close international cooperation and collaboration with foreign partners, as well as carries out exchanges experience in training specialists, conducts joint scientific research with scientists from EU countries. Educators of the Institute undergo internships in educational institutions and professional associations of corresponding countries. Moreover, top researchers of Zhytomyr medical institute are members of scientific councils and editorial boards of journals of European universities. Students and scientists of the institute participate in the Erasmus+ international programmes.
      In 2018 Zhytomyr Medical Institute became a participant of the Ukrainian-Swiss project "Development of Medical Education" from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).
      Within the scope of the project, an Educational Training Center (ETC) was created. The purpose of the Center's establishment was to improve the quality of medical education at the pre- and post-graduate levels by creating a highly effective learning environment as close as possible to real clinical situations, introducing into the educational process modern world medical technologies for mastering practical skills and forming professional competencies in medical students.
      Its structure integrates the following laboratories:
       - laboratory of manipulation equipment;
       - laboratory of emergency conditions of children and adolescents;
       - adult emergency laboratory;
       - laboratory of clinical skills;
       - laboratory of simulation medicine;
       - laboratory of clinical skills in family medicine;
       - laboratory of clinical skills in physiotherapy;
       - laboratory of clinical skills in pediatrics;
       - laboratory of clinical skills in surgery;
       - laboratory of clinical skills in obstetrics and gynecology;
       - laboratory of information technologies and distance learning.
       All specialized offices are equipped with high-tech phantoms, dummies, equipment, tools, etc.
       The center's modern capabilities contribute to the improvement of the quality of practical training of medical education students and improve the level of providing medical assistance to the population.
      The life of higher education seekers
      Students at the institute are multiple winners of annual amateur art competitions, laureates of the All-Ukrainian art contests "Lyra of Hippocrates", "Kyiv Spring", "Chervona Kalyna", "Extravaganza of Stars", "Forum of Arts", "November Fest" and others.
      Higher education seekers of the Institute are also multiple prize-winners of regional and all-Ukrainian sports games and international competitions, among them are the champions of the 20th Olympic Games (Australia) and world champions in volleyball (Brazil).
      The institute's collective women's and men's teams constantly win prizes in swimming, basketball, mini-football, table tennis, judo, athletics, and rowing on dragon boats.
      With the initiative and support of the student self-government council, the volunteer movement of active higher education seekers greatly intensified. Students at the Institute take an active part in regional and city charity events and are the members of charity foundations/movements: "Together for Life", "From Heart to Heart", "The Land of Childhood - the Land of Dreams!", "Don't Remain Indifferent!". Currently, they also raise funds for Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and provide aid to the wounded soldiers, who are being treated in Zhytomyr military hospital.
      With the aim of popularizing the Institute, career counseling is carried out for the pupils of grades 5-11 of secondary schools of Zhytomyr region in choosing a future profession. Moreover, the educational center "Academy of Medicine of the Future" functions as the structural component of Zhytomyr medical institute promo campaign providing the future higher education seekers with a chance to get an overview of the medical professions before making a career choice.

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